Meet The Trainers


Ralph Barber Jr.

B.A. Physical Education/ Health

Certified Master Trainer


Ralph Barber Jr. is a graduate of Jamestown University where he receive his B.A. in Physical Education/Health. He also has his certification as a Master Trainer from AAAI. Ralph has been a trainer in the metro Atlanta area for over 10 year, with a stellar performance history.

Ralph believes that "you can do anything you want if you work hard towards it!" He has transformed many of his clients bodies by working on their strengths as well as their weaknesses through exercise  and nutrition. 

Ralph clearly understands his mission as a trainer. " I train the body inside out, starting with the mind. The physical will come but the mind will keep you consistently going! See it, believe it, achieve it!"  You will experience yourself and the amazing sensations of having exactly the body that you have always wanted to have, the body that you have always imagined to have. Every person has these kinds of dreams yet only a few muster up the effort to try and achieve it.

It is my mission to ensure that those that do muster up the effort are the success stories that motivate others to do the same.